About airjust

The idea.

The idea of airjust: A system for the presentation of fashion that is as restrained as it is functional, offering more than just a clothes rack.
Uncomplicated in handling, to keep up with the speed of fashion. Flexible to adapt to any room situation. 
Restrained and timeless in design, so as not to distract from the essentials.
The perfect stage, also for favorite pieces at home. For people with a passion for design and fashion.


airjust garment rails system for fashion trade


airjust ® clothes rail system for fashion stores, showrooms and as a wardrobe for home. Simple stainless steel design made in Germany.


From Munich to the world.


airjust ® was developed in 2010 as a flexible clothes rail system for a showroom of a Munich fashion agency.

airjust ® is produced exclusively in Munich.
The clothes rails are made of high-quality, finely brushed V2A stainless steel. The tubes are additionally brushed and polished by hand.

airjust ® is sold worldwide in over 15 countries. From Berlin to New York. From Munich to Hong-Kong.

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